Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Welcome to the Gender Studies Graduate Program

Gender Studies graduatesThe Gender Studies MA and PhD programs teach critical race, gender and sexuality studies and their applications within work for social change.  The one-year Gender Studies MA trains students in critical race, gender, and sexuality studies and social justice. The four-year Gender Studies PhD sustains our program focus on critical race, gender, and sexuality studies while offering advanced training in applications of gender studies research within work for social change.

Gender Studies at Queen’s distinctively foregrounds critical race conceptual frameworks at all levels of our undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Students examine gender, our key category of analysis, in terms of its interdependence with race, class, nation, sexuality, disability, age, religion, colonialism and globalization. Students conduct research in Canada and internationally and articulate their scholarship with local and global action for social justice. Students produce scholarship that is directly applicable to work for social change and to a wide variety of academic and nonacademic careers.

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    The Department of Gender Studies at Queen's University

    The Department of Gender Studies practices interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research, teaching, and programming that advance our commitment to social justice and social change. We embrace an approach to gender that explores and challenges racism, capitalism, colonialism, (hetero)sexism, ableism, and other manifestations of power. Our scholarship, activism and community work centre marginalized, alternative, and relational knowledges, span local and global contexts, and engage historical and contemporary perspectives. Together we foster an accessible, culturally diverse, and transformative learning environment.

    Gender Studies at Queen’s is distinguished by the centrality of race and colonialisms across our curriculum, and by a focus on the applications of gender studies within work for social change. Our curriculum advances knowledge in eight key areas:

    • Feminist, queer, trans, anti-racist, Indigenous, and postcolonial theories and methodologies
    • Political economy and class inequality
    • Activism and social change
    • Indigenous, racialized, and diasporic communities
    • Oral histories and community memories
    • Health, reproduction, education and welfare: politics and policy
    • Body and beauty cultures
    • Representation, art, literature and creative work


    Faculty Supervisors

    Our faculty are internationally recognized for their scholarship in the following areas:

    • Activism and Alliance Building
    • Anti-Colonial Thought
    • Anti-Racist Feminisms
    • Black Geographies
    • Black Women's History
    • Colonialisms
    • Creative Emancipatory Work
    • Critical History
    • Ethnography
    • Gender and Poverty
    • Globalization, Work and Social Justice
    • Health Care
    • Indigenous Feminism
    • Indigenous Health
    • Memory and Trauma
    • Popular Culture
    • Queer Studies
    • Transnationalism and Diaspora
    • Trans Studies


    Funding and Awards

    The Gender Studies graduate programs provide substantial and competitive funding. Since the founding of the Gender Studies MA program in 2009, student funding has remained above the average of U15 Master’s programs, and of MA programs at Queen’s.

    The program regularly enrolls multiple students who hold SSHRC awards, other major external scholarship, or Queen’s University named fellowships. When multiple students bring fellowships the program increases its overall funding profile and distributes this among students to raise all funding packages.

    The department also provides Teaching Assistantship opportunities to enrolled students. TAs perform up to, but not more than 10 weekly hours of lecture attendance, tutorial leadership, preparation, marking and consulting with students.