Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Funding and Awards

The Gender Studies graduate programs provide substantial and competitive funding. The department regularly enrolls multiple students who hold SSHRC awards, other major external scholarship, or Queen’s University named fellowships. The department also provides full-year Teaching Assistantship opportunities to all enrolled students.

Since the founding of the Gender Studies MA program in 2009, student funding has been well above the average of U15 Master’s programs and MA programs at Queen’s. In the most recent two years, half of full-time MA students held a major award ($10,000 or greater). In 2017-18, five MA students hold the SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship-Master’s.

Funding Package

PhD students receive minimum annual funding of $18,000. MA students generally receive minimum funding of $13,000. Funding packages increase when the department and individual students are awarded multiple major fellowships. After factoring in major awards, average funding among all Gender Studies graduate students in 2017-18 is $23,000.

Funding is derived primarily from the Queen’s Graduate Award (QGA) and teaching assistantships (TA-ships) in the department’s undergraduate courses. Funding may be augmented if the student acquires internal or external scholarships or employment through research grants or contracts.

TAs perform up to, but not more than 10 weekly hours of lecture attendance, tutorial leadership, preparation, marking and consulting with students. 

Award funds are paid in three equal installments at the start of each term (fall, winter, spring/summer). For TA employment students receive a monthly paycheque for the duration of the TA contract.

External and Internal Scholarships

The department nominates new and continuing students for Queen's University internal fellowships (ranging from $4,000-$20,000) and for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship ($15,000).

All Queen’s applicants with a first-class average may apply for an Academic Excellence Award ($15,000). SSHRC applicants enter the AEA competition automatically and may receive AEA in lieu of SSHRC.

Students who receive SSHRC in the first year of study receive an additional $5000 (MA) or $10000 (PhD) cash award from Queen’s.

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