Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Gender Studies Special Topics Details, June 21, 2019

Please note that students who have taken previous GNDS 280, 380 or 480 courses are able to take the courses below as they are all new Special Topics.

GNDS 280/3.0 Winter Dr. Karen Lawford; Gender and Health

In this course, students will be guided through broad themes related to Indigenous meanings of health and gender using a variety of media: peer-reviewed journal articles, blogs, motion pictures, video files, and audio files. Themes include gender, sex, sexuality, Two Spiritedness, health, wellness, relationality, community, kinship, and Indigenous erotica. Readings, watchings, and listenings will be largely grounded in the contributions of Indigenous authors in Canada. Students are encouraged to bring the perspectives of other Indigenous scholarships to the classroom.

GNDS 380/3.0 Fall Dr. Karen Lawford; Decolonizing Sex, Gender & Sexuality

An exploration of the effects of colonialism in unbalancing Indigenous Peoples lives through the imposition of constructions of gender, sex, and sexuality, and the ways that Indigenous peoples are working to restore balance to themselves, their kin, and their communities.

GNDS 380/3.0 Winter Dr. Liz Brulé; Indigenous Resurgence and the Politics of Anti-racist, Feminist, Crip and Queer Solidarity Work

In this active learning course students will explore how an analysis of spaces of power and resistance can be used to link social relations of ruling with Indigenous land dispossession, environmental degradation, anti-black racism, transphobia and homophobia, and the perpetuation of white settler colonial patriarchy. Such an examination will also facilitate the building of allyship that seeks to establish accountability, solidarity, and relationality between Indigenous peoples, racialized peoples, feminists, queer activists and settler allies working toward decolonization and social change both locally and transnationally. Our objective will be to examine how activist advocacy practices and place-based social struggles can shed light on the interconnected ways that organize our work toward social justice resistance.

GNDS 412/3.0 Winter Dr. Trish Salah; Advanced Topics in SXGD: Transfeminist Perspectives on Sexual Politics and Aesthetics

This is an advanced Seminar in Sexual and Gender Diversity is focused on transfeminist theory and practice, with particular attention to transfeminist perspectives on sexual politics and aesthetics. In this course we will explore the development of transfeminist thought, trans of colour critique and poetics, and transsexual sex worker critique. In doing so we will draw upon literary theory, sociology, psychoanalysis, and feminist cultural studies, among other approaches. In addition to reading and discussing transfeminist theoretical texts, we will study and discuss literary and cultural texts by transfeminist authors, as well as learn to apply a transfeminist critical lens to read a wide range of media, cultural and literary texts.

GNDS 480/3.0 Winter Dr. Karen Lawford; Kinship & Indigenous Relations

This seminar will apply ideas of relationality through an examination of literature and through hands-on beadworking for the purposes of mediating relationality through a tactile application of an Indigenous cultural practice.