Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Late Plan Selection open until Friday, July 7th

If you were an alternate in a Gender Studies plan but got accepted to another department, you can always request a Gender Studies Major, Medial, Minor or General plan during Late Plan Selection. This is an online process that is available until July 7, 2017. :

GNDS Minor - is a 30 unit plan with 12 units of core courses and 18 units of either GNDS courses or cross-listed options in other departments.
Core courses:
GNDS 120 Women, Gender Difference (fall on campus, winter online)
GNDS 125 Gender, Race and Popular Culture (winter on campus, summer 2018 online)
GNDS 212 Racism, Colonialism and Resistance (fall on campus)
GNDS 215 Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity (fall online, winter on campus)

Options courses (plus other courses like GNDS 280 Special Topics: Comics and Politics which is open to only second year GNDS students in mid-July) make up the other 18 units to complete the 30 unit minor. Please feel free to contact Kathy Baer, Undergraduate Assistant ( or phone 613-533-6318 if you have any questions.