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Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies
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Journal of Critical Race Inquiry Latest Issue

The editors of Journal of Critical Race Inquiry are pleased to announce the publication of our latest issue.

Vol 4, No 1 (2017)

This issue publishes essays by Katerina Deliovsky (Brock University), Ardavan Eizadirad (OISE / University of Toronto), and Terri-Lynn Brennan (City of Kingston) collaborating with Limestone District teachers Tracy Bridgen, Trevor Hill, Matthew Gallupe, and Meghan Squarebriggs.


Gender Matters: Black Studies at Queen's, Feb 8

Gender Matters: February 8, 2017  Imagining Black Studies at Queen's

A Conversation with Beverley Mullings, Stephanie Simpson, Barrington Walker, Asha Varadharajan and Katherine McKittrick.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 12-1pm Mac-Corry D326

The field of black studies is a complex field, understanding blackness as relational and situating black activist and intellectual

life as intimately connected to a range of nonblack radical struggles. This conversation has two orienting questions:


Jan 25, 2017 Teach! Organize! Resist! A Post-Inauguration Roundtable

January 25, 2017 Teach! Organize! A Post-Inauguration Roundtable

2:30-4:00pm Mac-Corry B-125

Speakers to include:

Grant Amyot, Department of Political Studies
Ariel Salzmann, Department of History
Eleanor MacDonald, Department of Political Studies
Beverley Mullings, Department of Geography

Co-hosted by the Department of Gender Studies and the Cultural Studies Program