A brown skinned woman facing the camera and smiling. She is in front of a flowering plant and is wearing a multicolored floral shirt with a peach undershirt.

Angela Stanley

Pre-Doctoral Fellow

Black Studies


Sutherland Hall 442

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Research Interests: Critical Disability Studies, Queer Theory, Black Studies, Gender Studies, Accessibility and Technology, Transnational Feminisms, Digital Literacy and Accessibility

Angela Stanley (MA 2014; PhD Candidate, Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies, York University) completed a Masters in Critical Disability Studies at York University, writing a major research paper on Disability and Sexuality: Perceptions of Beauty, Sexuality and Desirability for Queer, Disabled Youth. Her doctoral research pays attention to the intersection of race/culture, queerness and disability in order to understand how people make sense of their intimate and sexual lives. She has presented original work on these themes at conferences within North America and her work has been published in Canadian peer reviewed journals. Accessibility is at the core of her work, and she is the current Accessibility Coordinator for the Ontario Digital Literacy and Access Network (ODLAN). She has also shared her expertise on access/ accessibility needs with planning committees and research units at the university, corporate and non-profit levels, and is a reviewer for the Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal. She is Guyanese born and an avid fan of Star Trek.