Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies
Sarita Srivastava

Sarita Srivastava

Associate Professor

On leave September 1, 2020 through August 31, 2021

PhD (Sociology & Equity Studies), University of Toronto   
MES (Environmental Studies), York University & University of Umeå  
BSc (Environmental Studies & Toxicology), University of Toronto

Office: Mackintosh-Corry Hall, D426
Phone: 613-533-6000 ext.75763
Research interests: Anti-racist Feminism, Social Movements, Sociology of Emotion
Joint Appointment: Sociology

Sarita Srivastava’s research has focussed on social movements, the sociology of gender and race, and the sociology of emotions. Her primary interest is the interdisciplinary, historical and organizational study of race and gender. It is this interest that has guided her analysis of anti-racist challenges within Canadian feminist organizing. Her recent work analyses the history, the discursive shifts, and the deadlocks of anti-racist challenges within social movements, primarily within women’s organizations. Here she is interested in how social movements evolve under anti-racist challenges, as well as in how organizational discourses and techniques shape racial encounters.

Sarita Srivastava has taught in the areas of sociology of gender, social movements, feminist research and women and development. Within the sociology department she teaches a graduate on ‘Transnational Theories of Race, Gender and Sexuality’ and a fourth-year seminar in ‘Race, Sex and the Body,’ in addition to a fourth-year seminar in Women’s Studies. Prior to joining the Queen’s faculty in 2003, she was the acting director of the Women’s/Gender Studies Program at the University of Toronto at Mississauga and a visiting professor at the Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Studies at the University of Toronto, where she also taught in the Equity Studies program. Her academic work has also been informed by her involvement in community radio, community gardening, independent film and video, and environmental, labour and feminist organizations.

She supervises graduate students who are interested in critical race studies, feminist and poststructuralist theoretical explorations, social movements, cultural studies, connections among gender, race and nation, anti-racist and transnational feminism, and emotion.

Recent Publications

“The Grateful Refugee: The emotional and moral terrain of refugee and immigrant gratitude,” in Chris Kyriakides and Rodolfo Torres (eds), Borders of Mass Destruction: Racialization, National Belonging and ‘the Refugee’, Routledge, Accepted and forthcoming.

“’I know you are, but what am I?’: Race, Nation and the Everyday,” In Stephen Riggins & Neil Mclaughlin (eds), Canadian Sociology in the First Person. McGill-Queen’s Press, Accepted and Forthcoming.

A Conversation with Dorothy Smith, In Stephen Riggins & Neil Mclaughlin (eds), Canadian Sociology in the First Person. McGill-Queen’s Press, Accepted and Forthcoming.

Srivastava, Sarita (2019). “’There’s More Than One Way to Save a Baby’: Navigating Activism and Anti-racism,” in Amber Dean, Jennifer Johnson & Susanne Luhman (eds),  Feminist Praxis Revisited: Critical Reflections on University-Community Engagement, Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2019.

Srivastava, Sarita (2019). “We Need to Reclaim the Original Intent of Mother’s Day,” The Conversation, May 2019. ( Reprinted in: The National Post; The Tyee: News, Culture, Solutions; The South African ). 

Srivastava, Sarita (2017). “I Wanna Be White:  Can We Change Race?” The Conversation, June 2017.

Srivastava, Sarita (2009) "You're Calling Me a Racist?," in Les Back and John Solomos (eds), Theories of Race and Racism, London: Routledge.

Srivastava, Sarita (2008) "A 'Culture of Whiteness' (Is Change Possible?)" The Ardent Anti-Racism and Decolonization Review, Vol 1, No. 1 (April 2008).

Srivastava, Sarita.(2007). “‘Let’s Talk’: the pedagogy and politics of anti-racist change.” In Mark Cote, Richard Day, Greig de Peuter (eds), Radical Experiments in Utopian Pedagogy: Confronting Neoliberalism in the Age of Globalization. University of Toronto Press.

Srivastava, Sarita.(2007). “Troubles with ‘Anti-racist Multiculturalism’: The Challenges of Anti-racist and Feminist Activism,” In Sean Hier and Singh Bolaria (eds), Race and Racism in 21st Century Canada: Continuity, Complexity, and Change. Broadview Press.

Srivastava, Sarita.(2005). “‘You’re Calling Me a Racist?’: The Moral and Emotional Regulation of Anti-Racism and Feminism.” SIGNS: Journal of Women and Culture in Society, vol. 31, no.1, Fall 2005.

Srivastava, Sarita & Margot Francis. (2006).“The Problem of ‘Authentic Experience’: Storytelling in Anti-Racist and Anti-Homophobic Education.” Critical Sociology, Vol. 32, No. 2-3. (2006), pp. 275-307 (Special Anti-racism Issue).

Srivastava, Sarita.(2006) “Tears, Fears and Careers: Anti-racism, Emotion and Social Movement Organizations.” Canadian Journal of Sociology, 31(1), March 2006, pp. 55-90.

Srivastava, Sarita.(2006) A Review of Fatherhood Politics in the United States: Masculinity, Sexuality, Race and Marriage by Anna Gavanas. American Journal of Sociology. July 2006, vol. 112, no. 1.

Srivastava, Sarita and Mary-Jo Nadeau (2003). “From the Inside: Anti-Racism in Social Movements.” New Socialist, No. 42, July/August 2003.