Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Trish Salah

Trish Salah photo credit by Ralph Kolewe
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Associate Professor in Gender Studies
(Transnational Studies in Gender, Sexuality, Race and Minority Cultural Production)



Brief Biography

Trish Salah works in the area of transnational studies in gender, sexuality, race and minority cultural production. Her current SSHRC funded program of research, Towards a Trans Minor Literature, is an inquiry into the aesthetic and political projects of trans, transsexual, genderqueer and two-spirit writers. That program develops critical contexts for reading and interpreting trans literature through collective and open ended, trans centred dialogues, interviews and conferences such as the recent Writing Trans Genres: Emergent Literatures and Criticism and Decolonizing and Decriminalizing Trans Genres.

Her first book of poetry, Wanting in Arabic, , investigates the inscription of diasporic trans and queer subjectivities and the social, rhetorical and desiring labour of minority community formation. Her second book, Lyric Sexology Vol. 1, employs the lyric as a lens to read transgender fantasies encoded in feminist, autobiographical, anthropological, sexological and psychoanalytic archives.

Research and supervision areas include: postcolonial, feminist, and sexual minority literatures, comparative analysis of race and racisms, sexualities, genders and modernities, transnational cultural production, psychoanalysis and affect theory, sex work, trans studies, and un/popular culture.

Publications (Recent and Selected)


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Wanting in Arabic: Poems. 2nd Edition. Toronto: Tsar Publications, 2013.

Wanting In Arabic: Poems. Toronto: Tsar Publications, 2002.

Edited Volumes

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Scholarly Articles

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Prose and Poetry in Journals and Anthologies

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Photo credit: Ralph Kolewe