Lucia Luciani

Lucia Luciani

MA Student

Gender Studies


Supervisor: Trish Salah
Research interests: Gender, Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People, Gender Dysphoria, The Liminality of Gender, and Queer Theory.

Graduating from Algoma University in 2020 with a Major in Sociology and a Certificate in Social Welfare, Lucia is committed to engaging upon transgender research as a member of the transgender community. During the fourth year of her undergraduate degree, Lucia had developed a passion for Queer Theory and the research process while working upon her thesis on the social transition of Transgender Women, with efforts to allow Transgender Women to share their own individualized perspectives of their own social transition journey. Entering upon her first year of study at Queen's University aiming towards a Gender Studies MA, Lucia plans to begin the next steps of her research journey by exploring the liminality of gender in respect to questioning the gender binary's role in the gender dysphoria that transgender people experience. Additionally, Lucia plans to embark upon a Ph. D in Gender Studies at Queens University, eventually leading to a career within the academic world of Gender Studies and related disciplines.