Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Course Outlines for Gender Studies Courses 2019-20


GNDS 120 Women, Gender, Difference Fall 2018 GNDS 120 Outline

GNDS 125 Gender, Race and Popular Culture  Winter 2019 GNDS 125 Outline

GNDS 212 Racism, Colonialism and Resistance Fall 2018 GNDS 212 Outline

GNDS 215 Introduction to SXGD  Fall 2018 GNDS 215 online Outline    Winter 2019 GNDS 215 in-person Outline

GNDS 280 Special Topics: Gender and Health

GNDS 311 Feminist Thought

GNDS 312 Black Feminisms

GNDS 330 Gender and the Global South

GNDS 335 Science Fiction and Fantasy

GNDS 345 Research Methods in Gender Studies 

GNDS 370 Writing Lives: Feminism and Women's Writing

GNDS 375 Queer/Race Studies

GNDS 380 Special Topics:  Fall - Decolonizing Sex, Gender and Sexuality

GNDS 380 Special Topics: Winter - Indigenous Resurgence and the Politics of Anti-racist, Feminist and Queer Solidarity Work

GNDS 412 Advanced Topics in SXGD

GNDS 427 Towards the Human: Race and the Politics of Expression

GNDS 428 Gender Performance

GNDS 445 Feminist and Queer Ethnography

GNDS 480 Special Topics: Kinship and Indigenous Relations