Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Gender Studies DSC (Department Student Council)

DSC Co-Presidents, 2019-20

Hello, this is Mimi McKinley and Gizem Cagatay speaking! Together we are your Co-Presidents for this year’s Gender Studies Department Student Council. We look forward to the array of events that we have planned, our goal is to create a safe and welcoming space for anyone who wishes to attend. As fourth year student’s we are excited to represent the Gender Studies Department and hope accomplish all that we can as a Department Student Council!

2019-20 Gender Studies Department Student Council

  • Katya Kredl (First Year Rep)
  • Faith Lollar (Second Year Rep/Secretary) 
  • Phaedra Leonard (Third Year Rep)
  • Amelia rotter (Fourth Year Rep)
  • Jacob Barry (Grad Rep/Treasurer)
  • Nathalie Hunter (Head of Outreach)
  • Cicely Haggerty (Outreach Coordinator)
  • Jane Tracy (Head of Events)
  • Katie Schmidt (Events Coordinator)
  • Ashley Quan (Head of Marketing)
  • Jacqueline Hill (Marketing Liaison)
  • Mimi McKinley (Co-President)
  • Gizem Cagatay (Co-President)