Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Gender Studies Major Plan

Major Plan (Consists of 60 units as described below and 54.0 elective units to total 114, or 60 units electives for students starting Queen's in September 2017)

Mandatory Plan Courses:

  • GNDS 120/3.0 Women, Gender, Difference
  • GNDS 125/3.0 Gender, Race and Popular Culture
  • GNDS 212/3.0 Racism, Colonialism and Resistance
  • GNDS 215/3.0 Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity
  • GNDS 311/3.0 Feminist Thought
  • GNDS 345/3.0 Research Methods in Gender Studies

Remaining Plan Courses as follows:

  • 12.0 units at GNDS 300-level (not including those listed above)
  • 6.0 units at GNDS 400-level or 500-level
  • 24.0 units GNDS or GNDS cross-listed courses (not including those listed above)

Other courses may be approved for inclusion in this academic program with permission of the Undergraduate Chair of
the Department of Gender Studies.