Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

Gender Studies Minor  Plan

Minor Plan (Consists of 30 Plan units as described below plus 60 in a major with electives to 114 for BA Honours, or electives up to 120 units for students starting Queen's in September 2017)

Mandatory Plan Courses:

  • GNDS 120/3.0 Women, Gender, Difference
  • GNDS 125/3.0 Gender, Race and Popular Culture
  • GNDS 212/3.0 Racism, Colonialism and Resistance
  • GNDS 215/3.0 Introduction to Sexual and Gender Diversity

Remaining Plan Courses as follows:

  • 18.0 units of GNDS or GNDS cross-listed courses (not including those listed above)

Other courses may be approved for inclusion in this academic program with permission of the Undergraduate Chair of
the Department of Gender Studies.