Department of Gender Studies

Department of Gender Studies
Department of Gender Studies

International Exchange Program - University of Oslo

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The Department of Gender Studies at Queen's and the Centre at Oslo have set up a Gender Studies student exchange program with the Centre for Gender Research and the University of Oslo.  If you are a second year GNDS concentrator, you are invited to apply.
Please contact the Department of Gender Studies for more details.


Read about GNDS student Maame Debrah’s Oslo Exchange experience (PDF, 328 KB)

Application Information

The Faculty of Arts and Science has developed a number of exchanges with overseas universities. Under this arrangement, Queen’s students spend part or all of their third year at one of the partner universities but pay tuition and ancillary fees to Queen’s. All second-year Arts and Science students are eligible to apply upon condition that they return to Queen’s to complete their honours year. A minimum average of B- to B on first-year marks is required to be considered for most exchange programs.

All students selected to participate in an international exchange are eligible to apply for an exchange bursary. On returning from an international exchange, students are also eligible to apply for the Dean's Special Scholarship for Students Returning from Exchange. Applications will be accepted by the International Programs Office until the final deadline for receipt of applications in January of second year. For deadline and other information see the IPO's website.

To apply to the Gender Studies Exchange program in Oslo you must go to the International Programs Office and pick up a general application form or go online for more information from the IPO. Under the section that asks you to list your choices by priority you should enter “GNDS at Oslo.” If you wish to be considered for the general exchange to Oslo, you should also enter “Oslo” as another choice.

Criteria & Selection

In addition to the general Arts and Science criteria, the Department of Gender Studies has the following selection criteria:

  • Academic Preparation: at least one (3.0) GNDS course normally with B average or higher
  • Extra-curricular/volunteer work: preference will be given to a student with women’s or gender related community work
  • General suitability: ability to benefit from the exchange

Overall assessment: we will take all criteria into consideration, e.g. grades are major factor but not the sole criterion.

Although the Gender Studies Selection Committee will not normally hold interviews, in the event of a tie it might be necessary.