Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Michael Borsk

PhD Candidate
History of Settler Colonialism, Early Canadian Legal History, and British Atlantic History.



Masters of Arts, Queen’s University, 2018 
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Toronto, 2017


Having completed his MA at Queen’s University researching transatlantic credit networks during the nineteenth century under the supervision of Dr. Jane Errington, Michael Borsk is beginning his doctoral studies on the relationship between property, sovereignty, and surveyors in the Great Lakes region with Dr. Jeffrey L. McNairn. His research interests stems from studying late eighteenth and early nineteenth century settler colonialism within the British Atlantic world and includes Indigenous-settler relations, cartography and knowledge production, and gender identity in the colonial context. Since 2019, he has been a student fellow with Queen’s Global History Initiative.

Conference Presentations

“Crossing Borders, Creating Boundaries: Ebenezer Allen and the Politics of Property Rights in Early North America”
Accepted for the Before Canada: Northern North American in a Connected World, ca. 1000-1800 Conference hosted at McGill University. Montreal, McGill, October, 2019.  

“Debt Amongst Friends: The Large Family and the Formation of a Transatlantic Credit Network.”
Presented at the Canadian Historical Association’s Annual Meeting at University of British Columbia. Vancouver, British Columbia, June 2019

“A Partridge In a Factory: Agency, Scarcity, and the Politics of Provisions in Hudson Bay.”
Presented at the Global History Initiative Workshop at Queen’s University. Kingston, Ontario, March 2019