Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Ben Cardo

Ph.D. Candidate
Global History
Modern East Asia




B.A. (H) History & Philosophy, Wilfrid Laurier University
M.A. History, Queen’s University


My areas of interest include nineteenth century global history, modern East Asia, and British imperialism. My M.A. focused on British legal imperialism and the creation of a global network of treaty ports in China and throughout Asia in the nineteenth century. I am currently studying the Chinese Maritime Customs Service and its place in China’s genealogy of foreign trade as well as its significance in global history. My dissertation will emphasize the cosmopolitan nature of the CMCS and the global context of imperialist intervention through international law and commerce; creating a new interpretation of the CMCS as a modern institution of Anglo-Sino collaboration that served both domestic and foreign imperial interests. I continue to work with Dr. Emily Hill, an expert on modern China, as my supervisor, and benefit from the expertise and advice of various other faculty members.