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Department of History
Department of History

Leyla Pavão Chisamore

Masters of Arts Candidate
Early Modern Europe, Witchcraft and Heresy Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies



2019 | Bachelor of Arts (Honours), History & Art History, Queen’s University
2019 | Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Diversity, Department of Gender Studies, Queen’s University


Leyla Pavão Chisamore is a Kingston/Katarokwi-based academic and poet. As a Master’s Candidate and Teaching Assistant in the Department of History at Queen's, she researches early modern English witchcraft, gender, medicine, and the body under the supervision of Prof. Jeffrey Collins. She is the current Chair of the Queen's-McGill Committee with the Graduate Students’ History Association (formerly, the 2019-2020 MA representative), Student Representative for the Faculty of Arts & Sciences' Jewish Studies Rosen Lecture Committee and sits on the Canadian History Student Panel with Oxford University Press. Chisamore is the former President of the Board of Directors at Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre and Public Programs Assistant at the Agnes Etherington Arts Centre. She holds a BAH in History and Art History with a Certificate in Sexual and Gender Diversity from Queen's University.

Under the working title ““Of Blood and Parchment: Witchcraft, the Sensorial Body and the Archive in Early Modern England,” Chisamore’s thesis research traces the epistemological trajectory of witchcraft knowledge, from gendered and medical knowledge of the body to the sources constituting the archive. The body and its senses frame the lens of examination at each stage. Her work explores medical texts, witchcraft imaginaries, local accusation, assize court investigations, and the effect of pamphlet distribution on the national imaginary. In this, her work is concerned with the gendered body in witch-trials, the effect of the power relations therein, and the processes historicizing those accused.


“Of Blood and Milk: Gender and the Corruptive Body in Early Modern English Witchcraft” The Journal of Dracula Studies (Spring 2020), Special Edition: The Witch. ISSN: 1492-708X
"Contended Bodies: Witchcraft and Gender in the Early Modern Germanlands.” The Mirror 39, no.1 (March 2019), 60-68.  ISBN: 8800009556715
“Featured Poet: Leyla Pavão Chisamore.” Streaming Audio, 11:20. London, ON: Brick Books (Brickyard Audio/Visual Project), November 2019

Conference Presentations

“Integral Imaginaries: Spirituality, Liminality, and the Abject Body in Byzantium.” Medieval Academy of America Conference 2021, 15-18 April 2021. Indiana University Bloomington
“Bodies on Trial: Conversos, Witches and the Corruptive Body in the Spanish Inquisition.” The Medieval Mediterranean: Interconnected Histories and Diverse Trajectories, Graduate Conference, 23-24 April 2020. Queen’s University. (Cancelled, COVID-19)
"Of Blood and Milk: Gender and the Corruptive Body in Early Modern English Witchcraft.” UnDisciplined, Graduate Conference, 20-22 March 2020. Queen’s University. (Cancelled, COVID-19)"