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Topics in History: Modern Britain and the World

Topics in History: Modern Britain and the World

How did Britain shape the world and how did the world shape Britain? How has the world we live in today been shaped by British imperialism and colonialism? We will explore these questions through histories of Britain, its Empire, and their interactions with the rest of the world over the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to critically examine the continuing influence of imperialism and colonialism in making modern Britain and the world. Drawing on cases from various sites of Empire, including Britain itself, this course is particularly interested in the forging of global connections and movements of people, ideas, and commodities. Weekly readings may consider decolonization, international law, humanitarianism, settler colonialism, and immigration. Guiding our discussions will be the central question of how to study Britain, its Empire, and their place in global processes that continue to shape the world we inhabit.

Department of History, Queen's University

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