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PhD Candidate Sean Marrs Guests on Podcast "Beyond Canada"

History PhD Candidate, Sean Marr's was recently a guest on a podcast called “Beyond Canada.” It is hosted by Claudia Hirtenfelder, SGPS international coordinator and PhD candidate in the Geography Department, and was produced at the CFRC, Queen's University.

Please listen to podcast at:  



PhD Candidate Sanober Umar receives honourable mention for article

PhD candidate Sanober Umar has received an honourable mention from the “Bluestone Rising Scholar Prize” committee for her article, The Identity of Language and the Language of Erasure. Over 70 submissions from 7 countries were received. Her article on how linguistic, gender and caste politics shaped the racializing contours of precarious Muslim citizenship in India will be published in “CASTE- A Global Journal on Social Exclusion.”

Historians’ Project Recognized by Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada

On 10 July 2019 the Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada and Associate Minister of National Defence, the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, MP, visited Queen’s Kingston to announce a grant of $25 million over ten years to the Canadian Institute of Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR). He also recognized  the Queen’s-Servicewomen’s Salute Canada Portal Project to provide needed online resources for Canadian servicewomen transitioning to civilian life and female veterans, which is being conducted in collaboration with CIMVHR.

Matthew Barrett wins Social History Best Article Prize for 2018

Matthew Barrett, a PhD candidate, has been awarded the Histoire sociale / Social History best article prize for 2018 ( It is titled “Worthless Cheques and Financial Honour: Cheque Fraud and Canadian Gentlemen Officers during the First World War” and it is based on a chapter from his thesis which he will defend shortly.