Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Nicolas Haisell

Ph.D. Candidate
History of Colonial North America, Intellectual History of Nova Scotia, British Atlantic World





BA (hons.) Social Anthropology, Dalhousie University
Independent (Special) Student Archaeology, McGill University
MA History, Queen’s University



I am a PhD candidate and Teaching Fellow working under the supervision of Prof. Carson. In broad terms, my work examines the oft-politicized construction of local history during Nova Scotia’s late colonial/early national period (including the founding and early output of the Nova Scotia Historical Society). Situated at the intersection of governance and literary sociability, these materials stood as an important pillar of collective identity and thus shed light on shifting notions of modernity, liberalism/loyalty, whiteness, race etc. Specifically, I am interested in processes through which Indigenous, Acadian and other so-called ‘problematic’ groups were reckoned with in local printed material during this period of political flux.