Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

March 10th - Russian & Eastern European Studies Network
Atrium at Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Queen's University


  • Panel Discussion
    • Ann Komaromi, University of Toronto
      Paul Goldberg, Editor and Publisher, The Cancer Letter
      Tatiana Yankelevich, Harvard University
      Gordon Dueck, Queen's University
      1:00 pm 
  • Keynote Speaker - Tatiana Yankelevich
    • "The Multifaceted Legacy of Andrei Sakharov
    • 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


  • Documentary Screening
    • The Screening Room Theatre, 120 Princess Street
    • Movie: My Husband Andrei Sakharov (2006)
    • Tatiana Yankelevich, Introduction and Discussion
    • 6:30 pm