Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Rebecca Karelse

MA Candidate
Early Modern Europe



Hons BA UNB 2019 under the supervision of Dr. Gary Waite


I am interested in examining the experiences of marginalized groups in Early Modern European areas, specifically how laws and religious beliefs were used to create and perpetuate the notion of 'other.' I am very keen to continue this research, comparing different regions' treatment of marginalized people, to develop an understanding of how these regions used social structures to maintain liminal spaces and the boundaries of belonging. And how different regional authorities maintained the resulting normative social ideals of belonging; which contributed to the stigmatization and marginalization of itinerants, vagabonds and vagrants, and by association the Romani.


"Religious Toleration in the form of Pragmatic Civic Duty: the Dutch Republic in the 17th Century" in 2018 UNB TimePieces History Undergraduate Journal
"Canada and the War in Afghanistan: Examining the Role of Media and the Government in the Decline for Public Support for the War" in 2017 UNB TimePieces History Undergraduate Journal
"Porajmos: The 'Devouring' of a People Forgotten: Examining the Contribution of Encultured Prejudice to the German Genocide of Romani" in Proceedings of Arts Matters (UNB) 2019
"Vagrants, Nomads, and 'Gypsies': Defining Romani Identity within the Ottoman Empire and Kingdom of Portugal, 1200-1650" in 2019 UNB TimePieces History Undergraduate Journal
"They Serve That Men May Fly" produced for the RCAF (Vintage Wings, RCAF Journal 2020)
"Because They Tried" produced for the RCAF in OMMC journal 2020
"We're About to Crash", produced for the RCAF


Atlantic Universities Undergraduate History and Classics Conference 2019
Arts Matters Conference UNB 2019


Harry Velensky Prize  2018
Gillian Liebenberg Prize 2018,2019
Rabbi David Spiro Essay Prize 2019
UNB Honours Book Prize 2017