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Department of History
Department of History

Mingming Liu

MA Candidate
Contemporary history of China



M.A. Shanghai Normal University, 2009
B.A. Yulin Normal University, 2006


I did my undergraduate at Yulin Normal University in China studying history. Then I completed my M.A. in history at Shanghai Normal University in China. My passion in history stems from my pursuit of how the past translates to our present and how our present can shape our future. My specialty focuses on the modern and contemporary history of China. Previously my research was on thought history such as how people’s thoughts influence an era. Currently under the supervision of Professor Emily M. Hill, I am researching the Left-behind Children of China phenomenon. There are more than 60 million children left behind in the rural area or small towns by their parents who work in places far away from their hometown. It is my view that the political and social system of China has created this crisis. Through this I aim to understand the essence of the contemporary social political system of Communist China.


"Salvation and Destruction---the comparison of Gorky's and Lu Xun's Roads to
Revolution." Tribune of Social Sciences. 2013: 195-208.

"Chinese Intellectuals’ Initiative Transformation and the Cause of it---through the
Thought Reform Campaign at the Beginning of New China." Tribune of Social Sciences. 2010: 65-82.