Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Alanna Loucks

PhD Candidate
French Colonial History, Indigenous History in North America, and Social and Economic History



Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Queen’s University 
Masters of Arts, Queen’s University 


My master’s research, under the supervision of Dr. Nancy van Deusen, reconstructed the commercial, social, political, and personal connections of four French individuals who lived in Montréal between 1650 and 1750. My project then illustrated the ways in which these networks shaped and influenced the composition of these four households. Through the micro-historical lens of these households, I determined that these four households could be understood as microcosms of broader social, economic, ethnic, and familial trends within colonial Montréal society. Building on this research, under the supervision of Dr. Nancy van Deusen and Dr. Jane Errington, my doctoral project will expand my lens of analysis to focus on the larger familial and economic networks created by four French families between 1650 and 1763, in order to understand the various ways that their lives and interests reflected Montréal’s position as a crossroad within the larger webs of colonial North America.