Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Alex Martinborough

Ph.D. Candidate
Canadian History, Britain and the World, Colonial History



MA – Dalhousie University
BA – University of Toronto


I am interested in the legal, intellectual, and cultural histories of colonialism in Canada and the British Empire more broadly. Working under the supervision of Jeffrey McNairn, my dissertation explores the spread of locally drafted written constitutions in British settler colonies in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It uses local experiences of constitution-writing to explore how global and imperial dynamics and processes shaped and were shaped by locales around the British Empire. It focuses on the movement of news and ideas and how people in various British colonies thought about their futures in connected and comparative terms.


“Cutting Through the Fog: Public Memory and Confederation” Acadiensis Blog. January 30th, 2017.

Conference Presentations

“The Bill of Union and Early Expressions of Settler Nationalism in Upper Canada, 1822-1828.”  Dalhousie Graduate History Conference. April 2017.