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Matthew Barrett wins Social History Best Article Prize for 2018

Matthew Barrett, a PhD candidate, has been awarded the Histoire sociale / Social History best article prize for 2018 ( It is titled “Worthless Cheques and Financial Honour: Cheque Fraud and Canadian Gentlemen Officers during the First World War” and it is based on a chapter from his thesis which he will defend shortly.

New Curator position for Scott deGroot (PhD 2015)

Scott deGroot (PhD 2015) starts a new job in Winnipeg as Curator of Lesbian/Gay Rights at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Among other things, he'll be curating a major exhibition on the Canadian government's purge of gays and lesbians from the 1950s to the 1990s. The exhibition will launch in 2023 and will likely travel the country in various forms.


Dr. Swen Steinberg Launches Blog "Migrant Knowledge"

Postdoctoral Fellow Swen Steinberg is one of the three editors of the recently launched blog "Migrant Knowledge" (, hosted by the German Historical Institute in Washington/DC and its Pacific Regional Office at UC Berkeley. The blog publishes work at the intersection of migration and knowledge studies. The focus is historical, but "Migrant Knowledge" embraces perspectives from any scholars undertaking such research, regardless of discipline.