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Steven Maynard

maynardsteven.jpgAdjunct Lecturer
Canadian History


Phone: 613-533-6000, ext: 78778
Fax: 613-533-6298
Office: Watson Hall, Room 127


Ph.D., Queen's, (ABD)
M.A., Queen's, 1987
B.A., Mount Allison, 1985


"Knowledge implies a certain political conformity in its presentation. In a history course, you are asked to learn certain things and to ignore others ... To take [an] example: the workers, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, carried out detailed investigations into their material conditions. This work served Marx for the bulk of his documentation ... Yet this knowledge has never been allowed to function within official knowledge ... Knowledge keeps its distance: this should not be known! ... This presentation affects everything that is said and done in the present."
M. Foucault, "Revolutionary Action: 'Until Now'," 1971

Steven is a Canadian social historian, specializing in the history of sexuality. He is the founder and on-going co-chair of the Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality, a sub-group of the Canadian Historical Association. Steven has been active in the gay/lesbian movement for many years, and writes frequently on politics, culture and history for the lesbian/gay community press.


In 2016/17, I will be teaching two courses: HIST 124, “Canada and the World,” and HIST 312, the core seminar on “Canadian Social History.” For more details on these courses, see the descriptions on the undergraduate page of the Department website.

Courses Taught

HIST 124: Canada and the World
HIST 210: The History of Sexuality in Canada
HIST 278: Canada to 1896
HIST 300: The History and Politics of Friendship
HIST 312: Canadian Social History
HIST 400: Foucault for Historians
HIST 458: Social History of Modern Canada
HIST 464: The History of Sexuality

Research Interests and Publications

My research falls primarily within the history of sexuality. I'm also interested and publish in the areas of gender and working-class history, Foucault studies, historiography, and archival theory and practice. My work has appeared in a variety of academic journals and anthologies, including the Canadian Historical Review, Labour/Le Travail, Archivaria, Journal of Urban History, Left History, Journal of the History of Sexuality, Radical History Review, and the Journal of Canadian Studies. Steven’s work has been awarded the prize for best article in the Canadian Historical Review, the Audre Lorde prize of the American Historical Association’s Committee on LGBT History, and the Association of Canadian Archivists' 2010 W. Kaye Lamb Prize for the article that “most advances archival thinking in Canada.” His most recent publication is: “‘The Party with God’: Michel Foucault, the Gay Left, and the Work of Theory,” Cultural History 5, 2 (October 2016), part of a special issue on “Revisiting The History of Sexuality: Thinking with Foucault at Forty.”