Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

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Ph.D. Candidate
Urban and Exurban History of Imperial Russia




Bachelors and Masters Degrees in History at Queen's University


I am a PhD candidate in the History Department under the supervision of Professor Ana Siljak. My dissertation centers on urban and exurban green space in late Imperial Russia within the context of both domestic and international greening movements. As my topic is interdisciplinary, I have taken courses in a variety of fields, including art history, urban & regional planning, and environmental studies. Aside from my work in the department, I have also spent time working with a variety of student organizations on campus, including one of the student newspapers, The Journal as a writer and editor, and the Society for Graduate and Professional Students as one of the Vice Presidents.

Teaching Assistantships:

HIST 245 (Imperial Russia)
HIST 246 (The Soviet Experiment)
HIST 274 (Cultural History of Modern France)

Teaching Fellowships:

HIST 122 (The Making of the Modern World)


Queen’s McGill Graduate Conference in History
The Spaces and Flows Seventh International Conference on Urban and ExtraUrban Studies