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Ph.D. Candidate
20th Century North America


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M.A. (History) - Queen's University, 2013
B.A. (Honours History and English) - McMaster University, 2012


My primary research interests surround intersections of gender and culture in twentieth century North America. My Master's research explored evolving conceptions of fatherhood in the post World War II Canadian Suburbs. I took particular interest in articulating how the advent of television and the widespread availability of American programming served to offer behaviour models for Canadian family men. At the doctoral level, I wish to probe these themes further to understand the degree to which American television culture shaped the Canadian social and family experience from 1950-1970. Under the supervision of Dr. Karen Dubinsky and Dr. Jeff Brison, my dissertation seeks to identify the degree to which postwar Canadians, both English and French speaking, were engaging with products of American mass culture. My work explores larger themes of anti-Americanism, cross-cultural contact, and national identity through a transnational lens that invokes the question: When does the border matter, and when does it not?

In my spare time, I enjoy language studies, travel, and a good dinner party.