Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Douglas Nesbitt

Ph.D. Candidate
19th and 20th century Canadian social movement, labour, and political history


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BA (Highest Honours), History, Carleton University (2007)
MA, Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies, Trent University (2010)


My PhD dissertation is a history of the Ontario Days of Action, the protest and strike movement against the Mike Harris government between 1995 and 1998. It is being supervised by Dr. Ian McKay.
My MA thesis on the rise and fall of the Canadian Union of Students in the 1960s was supervised by Dr. Bryan Palmer. I am a co-founder and editor at, a labour journalism and research project.

Select Publications:

(to be published) "The Days of Action: The Character of Class Struggle in 1990s Ontario," co-authored with Sean Carleton and illustrated by Orion Keresztesi, in Drawn to Change: Graphic Histories of Working-Class Struggle (Between the Lines, 2016).

"Roll Up the Boss to Win: Tim Horton's vs workers in Winnipeg,", March 19 2015.

"527 days: Reflections by IKEA Richmond workers," with David Bush,, January 29 2015.

"An era of wildcats and sick-outs in Canada? The Continued Decline of Industrial Pluralism and the Case of Air Canada," with Andrew Stevens in Labor Studies 39.2 (2014), p.118-139.

"The Nine-Hour Movement: How civil disobedience made unions legal,", August 23 2013.

Select Conference Presentations:

(upcoming) "Full-day kindergarten is here! Media representations of Ontario's new Full-Day Kindergarten Program." Co-presented with Heather Coe (Queen's University) at Early Years Conference, University of British Columbia, January 28-30 2016.

"Labour journalism renewal? Reflections on the short history of" Co-presented with Andrew Stevens (University of Regina) and David Bush (York University) at the Canadian Association of Work and Labour Studies Conference, University of Ottawa, June 5 2015.

"Austerity and Conservative Industrial Relations: A new era of wildcats, pickets and sick-outs?" Co-presented with Andrew Stevens (University of Regina) at United Association for Labor Education Conference, Toronto, April 19 2013

"Transforming "a bunch of mush": New Leftists and the Canadian Union of Students, 1966-69." Paper presented at The Sixties, Canadian-Style: Where Have All the Sixties Gone?, Brock University, November 5 2010.