Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Jun Wang

Ph.D Candidate/Teaching Fellow
Intellectual history of modern China





M.A., Nanjing University
B.A., Lanzhou University


With interests in Darwinism and the history of science, I have concentrated for years on evolutionary ideas in China. Under the supervision of Dr. Emily Hill, my dissertation project explores the uniqueness of social Darwinists’ ideas in modern China, and their legacies from traditional Chinese ideology. My major and minor fields of study are modern China and early modern Europe.

Teaching Fellowships

HIST122, The Making of the Modern World (Queen’s, 2016-17)

Teaching Assistantships

HIST 241, Issues in History: Rise of Consumer Society (Queen’s, 2016)
HIST 296, The Making of the Muslim Middle East (550-1350 C.E.) (Queen’s, 2015)
HIST 257, Environmental History (Queen’s, 2015)
HIST 287, Early Modern England (Queen’s, 2013)

Conference Presentations

“Social Darwinism in Modern China: An Idea for Modernization, or an Instrument for Revolution?” (McGill-Queen’s Graduate Conference in History, 2015)