Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Tim Olinski

Ph.D. Candidate
Renaissance Classical Reception



Undergraduate Degree from the University of Guelph (History and Classics Major, Economics Minor).
Master of Arts History from the University of Nottingham, Warrior Societies pathway.
Master of Arts, Classics from Queens University.


I’m just your typical classicist masquerading as a historian. My Nottingham Masters thesis focused on warrior cultures and their epics, mainly Homer and the Heike Monogatari of Japan. My Queen’s Masters focused on the Sayings of the Spartans by Plutarch and it’s representation of Laconian culture. It focused on comparing perceived Spartan traits and values compared to the historical record. My current focus continues my preponderance towards cultures and their literature. My current study focuses on the battle of Lepanto and classical allusions that can be found in its celebratory literature. I find that a cultures epic poetry is the greatest reputation of what they value morally, physically, and personally. I continue to explore this line of inquiry under the guidance of Anthony D’Elia, an expert in classical reception studies.