Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Claire Cookson-Hills


Phone: 613-540-2795



PhD Queen’s University (2013)
MA Queen’s University (2007)
BA (Honours) University of Calgary (2006)


I am interested in the diverse forms of imperial power, including the uses of military, diplomatic, engineering, and hydraulic power to create and reinforce the British Empire. My dissertation, Engineering the Nile: Irrigation and the British Empire in Egypt, 1882-1914," (2013) studied British engineering and agricultural projects in colonized Egypt between 1882 and 1914. Specifically, it asked how the British Empire used water distribution to control the populations, resources, and environments that it governed.


“Ubique: The Royal Engineers Establishment to 1869.” in Military Education and Empire, 1854-1948, eds. Doug Delany and Robert Engen (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, forthcoming 2017).

“The Aswan Dam and Egyptian Water Control Policy, 1882-1902.” Radical History Review 116 (Spring 2013), 59-85.

“Historical Perspectives on Whole-of-Government Approaches: The 1882 British Occupation of Egypt.” Canadian Army Journal 15: 1 (Spring 2013).

Courses Taught

HIST 122: The Making of the Modern World

HIST 263: War in the Twentieth Century: Myths and Realities

HIST 289: Britain since 1851

HIST 322: War and Modern Society