Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Steven Maynard

maynardsteven.jpgAdjunct Assistant Professor
Canadian Social History


Phone: 613-533-6000, ext: 78778
Fax: 613-533-6298
Office: Watson Hall, Room 305


MA and PhD, Queen’s
BA, Mount Allison


Steven is a Canadian social historian, specializing in the history of sexuality. He also publishes in the areas of archival theory and Foucault studies. Steven is the recipient of the “Principal’s Teaching Award for Promoting Student Inquiry” (2016) and the Department of History’s “Award for Excellence in Teaching” (2011). He is the founder and ongoing co-chair of the Canadian Committee on the History of Sexuality, a sub-group of the Canadian Historical Association. Steven has been active in the LGBTQ movement for many years, and writes frequently on politics, culture and history for the queer community press.

Courses Taught

HIST 124: Canada and the World
HIST 210: The History of Sexuality in Canada
HIST 278: Canada to 1896
HIST 300: The History and Politics of Friendship
HIST 312: Canadian Social History
HIST 400: Foucault for Historians
HIST 458: Social History of Modern Canada
HIST 464: The History of Sexuality

Selected Publications

“Foucault, Influence of” The Global Encyclopedia of LGBTQ History, ed. Howard Chiang (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, forthcoming 2019).

“‘A New Way of Lovin’: Queer Toronto Gets Schooled by Jackie Shane,” “Introduction,” and “Six Nights in the Albert Lane, 1917” in Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer, ed. Stephanie Chambers et al. (Toronto: Coach House Books, 2017), 11-18, 19-20, and 93-95. Shortlisted for the 2017 Toronto Book Award and the 2018 Heritage Toronto Award.

“To Forgive and Forget? Homonationalism, Hegemony, and History in the Gay Apology,” C4E Journal: Perspectives on Ethics (November 2017), the e-journal of the Centre for Ethics at the University of Toronto (
•    Co-published with ActiveHistory:

“‘The Party with God’: Michel Foucault, the Gay Left, and the Work of Theory,” Cultural History 5, 2 (2016): 122–152.

“Police/Archives,” Archivaria 68 (Fall 2009): 159-182. Awarded the W. Kaye Lamb Prize for the article that most advances archival thinking in Canada by the Association of Canadian Archivists, June 2010.
•    Reprinted in Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader, ed. Patrick Keilty and Rebecca Dean (Sacramento: Litwin Books, 2013).

“‘Without Working?’: Capitalism, Urban Culture, and Gay History,” special issue on “New Directions in Urban and Labor History,” ed. Joe William Trotter, Jr. and Patricia Cooper, Journal of Urban History 30, 3 (March 2004).

“‘Hell Witches in Toronto’: Notes on Lesbian Visibility in Early Twentieth-Century Canada,” Left History 9 (Summer 2004): 191-205.

“The Maple Leaf (Gardens) Forever: Sex, Canadian Historians and National History,” Journal of Canadian Studies 36 (Summer 2001): 70-105.

“‘Respect Your Elders, Know Your Past’: History and the Queer Theorists,” Radical History Review 75 (1999): 56-78.

“On the Case of the Case: The Emergence of the Homosexual as a Case History in Early Twentieth-Century Ontario,” in On the Case: Explorations in Social History, ed. Franca Iacovetta and Wendy Mitchinson (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1998), pp. 65-87.
•    Reprinted in Queerly Canadian: An Introductory Reader in Sexuality Studies, ed. Maureen FitzGerald and Scott Rayter (Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2012), 153-169.

“‘Horrible Temptations’: Sex, Men and Working-Class Male Youth in Urban Ontario, 1890-1935,” Canadian Historical Review 78 (June 1997): 191-235. Awarded the prize for best article published in 1997 by the Canadian Historical Review, and the Audre Lorde Prize for Outstanding Article in North America by the American Historical Association’s Committee on Lesbian and Gay History.
•    Reprinted in: Crime and Deviance in Canada: Historical Perspectives, ed. Chris McCormick and Len Green (Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press, 2005), 299-309
•    Reprinted in: Canadian Perspectives in Sexualities Studies: Identities, Experiences, and the Contexts of Change, ed. Diane Naugler (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 2012), 123-39.

“Through a Hole in the Lavatory Wall: Homosexual Subcultures, Police Surveillance, and the Dialectics of Discovery, Toronto, 1890-1930,” Journal of the History of Sexuality 5 (October 1994): 207-242.
•    Reprinted in Gender and History in Canada, ed. Joy Parr and Mark Rosenfeld (Toronto: Copp Clark, 1996), 165-184.