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Department of History
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Professor Emerita
Nineteenth-century religious history, North America


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PhD, University of Western Ontario. 1987 


1985-2009 Joint appointment History and Theology. Continued as Professor, Department of History, Queen's University, until 1 July, 2011.

She is currently working on a history of spirituality and social change, examined through the lens of three generations of a Toronto family active in politics, foreign missions and global outreach.



1. Marguerite Van Die, Religion, Family and Community in Victorian Canada: the Colbys of Carrollcroft (Montreal/Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press 2005), ) Short-listed 2007 Canadian Historical Society John A. Macdonald Prize

2. Marguerite Van Die, An Evangelical Mind: Nathanael Burwash and the Methodist Tradition in Canada, 1839-1917 (Montreal/Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1989)

Books edited:

1. David Lyon and Marguerite Van Die, eds., Rethinking Church, State and Modernity: Canada Between Europe and the United States (University of Toronto Press, 2000)

2. Marguerite Van Die, ed., Religion and Public Life in Canada: Comparative and Historical Perspectives (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001)

3. Marguerite Van Die ed., From Heaven Down to Earth: a century of Chancellor's Lectures at Queen's Theological College(Kingston, ON: Queens's Theological College 1992)

Chapters in Books:

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Papers in Refereed Journals:

1. "'The Marks of a Genuine Revival': Religion, Social Change, Gender and Community in Mid-Victorian Brantford, Ontario," Canadian Historical Review 79: 3 (1998): 524-563.

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6. "Protestants, the liberal state and the practice of politics: revisiting R.J. Fleming and the 1890s Toronto Streetcar Controversy," Canadian Historical Association Journal (New Series 24, 2013).  In press.