Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

James Bonarjamie bonar

Ph.D. Candidate
Early Modern Europe



M.A. University of Toronto, 2015
B.A. (Hons) University of Toronto, 2014


James Bonar is a fourth-year doctoral candidate interested in the intellectual history of the Italian Renaissance. Currently, he is researching the colonial implications of mythical representations of the “New World”, specifically the association of Atlantis and the Americas within sixteenth-century Venice, under the supervision of Prof. Anthony D'Elia.

Conference Papers
(2019). “‘Queen of Earth and Sea’: Atlantis, America, and the Venetian Vision of the New World.” Annual Congress of the Renaissance Society of America, University of Toronto.
(2018). “Mightier than the Sword: Intellectual Imperialism in Venetian Historiography.” Translatio: Knowledge Migrations of the Medieval and Early Modern Periods, Mount Allison University.
(2018). “Senza Sensa: Patrician Marriage and Public Morale in Sixteenth-Century Venice.” History in the Making, Concordia University.
(2017). “New Atlantis: Landscape and Identity in Early-Modern Venice.” McGill-Queen’s History, Queen’s University.

(2019). “Myth-Appropriation: New World Novelty in the Service of Empire.” Early Modern Interdisciplinary Graduate Forum, University of Toronto.
(2018). “Venice and the World.” Topics in Renaissance and Early Modern History Graduate Seminar, Queen’s University.