Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Stefan Brown

Ph.D Candidate
Early Modern Intellectual History, The Enlightenment





M.A. Queen's University, 2013
BAH Mount Royal University, 2012


Stefan Brown is pursuing his Ph. D. in history under the supervision of Dr. Jeff Collins. His research examines the British reception of Thomas Hobbes's works and ideas during the Enlightenment. He is not only exploring an underappreciated facet of the Hobbesian historiography but also attempting to gain valuable insights into the nature of the British Enlightenment by exploring the ways in which philosophers, theologians, and moralists attempted to navigate the continuing presence of the notorious seventeenth century atheist. In the process he touches on notable figures such as Shaftesbury, Mandeville, Hume, and Bolingbroke.

His Master's work explored a similar topic by analyzing the role Hobbesian ideas played during the Exclusion Crisis (1679-1681) through the works of Sir Roger L'Estrange.