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Department of History
Department of History

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Ph.D. Candidate
Nineteenth century Anglo-American Cultural History



B.A. (Hons.), University of Guelph
M.A. Queen's University


Zane Yager is interested in the complicated middle-class cultural universe of fin-de-siècle English Canada. He is particularly engaged with how romantic anti-modernism, forward-looking progressive reform, Protestant social gospel, imperial federationism, and a proto-modern 'psychology of abundance' could come peculiarly together in the constitution of a whole generation of cultural and intellectual central Canadian leadership. These contradictory practices and ideas could be partly resolved through patterns of 'mythical' explanation?informed by a common fabric of millennial Protestantism, liberal triumphalism, Anglo-Saxon racial destiny, and progressive Loyalism?that worked the chaos of unstructured experience into prescriptive schemas of thinking and action. Moral reformers, local boosters, imperial ideologues, and public intellectuals came together in folding a nostalgic set of heritage traditions into forward looking assertions of industrial progress and imperial pride?bringing 'tradition' and 'modernity' into dynamic and strange conversations?as part of a collective effort to articulate a godly and northern national identity on the North American continent.


2013: Arthur Lower Fellowship
2012: Roger Graham Fellowship
2011: Ontario Graduate Scholarship (declined)