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Ana Siljak


Previously taught at Northwestern University, University of Chicago.

Selected Publications


  • “Sigmund Freud, Sublimation, and the Russian Silver Age.” Modern Intellectual History 15, no. 2 (2018): 443–70.
  • "Friedrich Nietzsche, Dmitrii Merezhkovskii, and the Russian Renaissance." Canadian Slavonic Papers 60, no. 1-2 (2018): 236-255.
  • "Nikolai Berdiaev and the Origin of Russian Messianism." The Journal of Modern History 88, no. 4 (2016): 737-763.
  • “The Personalism of Nikolai Berdiaev,” in Pattison, George, Caryl Emerson, and Randall Poole, eds, The Oxford Handbook of Russian Religious Thought. Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2020.
  • “’The Beauteous Terrorist’: Russian Women and Terrorism in Literature at the Turn of the Century,” in Dietze, Carola, and Claudia Verhoeven, eds. The Oxford Handbook of the History of Terrorism. Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2019.
  • “Controversies over Nationalism: The Teaching of Russian History, 1890-1904,” in Zhuravleva, Victoria I. and Ivan I. Kurilla, eds. Rossiia i SShA na stranitsakh uchebnikov: opyt vzaimnykh representatsii. Volgograd, 2009: 106-140.
  • “The Trial of Vera Zasulich,” in Steven Usitalo and William Benton Whisenhunt, eds., Russian and Soviet History: From the Time of Troubles to the Collapse of the Soviet Union. Rowman and Littlefield, 2008.
  • “Between East and West:  Hegel and the Origins of the Russian Dilemma,” Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. 62, no. 2 (2001): 335-358.
  • “Christianity, Science, and Progress in Sergei M. Solov'ev’s History of Russia,” in Thomas Sanders, ed. Historiography of Imperial Russia: The Profession and Writing of History in a Multinational State. M.E. Sharpe Press, 1999: 215-238.
  • Book reviews in: Literary Review of Canada, Canadian Slavonic Papers, Democratization, and Journal of Cold War Studies

Department of History, Queen's University

49 Bader Lane, Watson Hall 212
Kingston ON K7L 3N6




Queen's University is situated on traditional Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe territory.