Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Morad Roohi

PhD Candidate
Modern History of the Kurdish Societies in the Middle East





2008 - 2011   Master of Arts, Sociology, University of Allame Tabatabaie, Tehran  
2004 - 2008   Bachelor  of  Arts,  Social  Sciences,  University  of  Payam-e-Noor  Sanandaj
2002 - 2004   Associate in Art, Primary Education and Training, Modarres Teacher Training Center,  Sanandaj


Kurds are known as the biggest stateless nation around the world. Kurdish societies are divided between four nation states in the Middle East, naming Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria. In my PhD project,  under supervision of Prof. Salzmann, I concentrate on the modern history of the Rojhalat, Iranian part of the Kurdistan. As other part of the world, building modern nation states was a turning point in the history of the Middle East. Centralist modern nation states in the Middle East politicized and then securitized the kurdish "difference". Constructing  modern kurdish identity among the Rojhalatian, or Iranian Kurds, changing the nature of power from traditional empire into the modern centralist nation state in Iran, excluding Kurdish identity from the legal and formal sphere of the politics and the long history of the kurdish resistance against this exclusion are to be dealt in my PhD project.


Roohi, M. (2014), Problematizing the Historical Rupture in Iranian Kurdistan ( a Reflection on Premodern/Modern Gap), Iranian Journal of Sociology, 5 (14), 65-98.
Roohi, M. Pre-Modern Kurdistan (The Genealogy of Experience of Constitutional Revolution in Iranian Kurdistan, in: Towfigh, E. Historical Regional Sociology, under publication.