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Registration Information for 2nd Year History Students

If you are a second-Year History Major or Medial student, you need to take a Core Seminar this upcoming year. These courses are second year courses that are numbered HIST 300‐330. This course is the gateway course for upper level seminars and your degree completion. It is incredibly important that you register in this course in the second year of your program. In order to progress in the History program, you must receive a minimum grade of C+ in this course. We are offering 9 Core Seminars for you to choose from. Titles and descriptions are available here on our website. Core Seminars are full year courses – you must enroll in both the A and B components (ie. 305A for Fall and 305B for Winter).

IMPORTANT: Please note that several of our core seminars are offered in a hybrid format, with the first half (Fall term) offered in conjunction with a 200 level lecture class (150+ people) and the second half (Winter term) offered as a seminar (20 people). Although you will be in the same “classroom” as students registered in the lecture class, you are not in the lecture class. You need to register for the Core Seminar (HIST 300-330), NOT the 200 level course. It is not possible to switch from one to the other after open enrollment. Also, note that the first and second terms of these hybrid courses are not offered at the same time. 

HIST 305 is offered with HIST 296. Make sure to register for HIST 305A & B on SOLUS.
HIST 306 is offered with HIST 295. Make sure to register for HIST 306A & B on SOLUS.

Alongside your Core Seminar, we also recommend you take a few 200 level lecture courses as your Options. If you are a Major, we recommend you take 9.0-12.0 units, or 3-4 lecture courses, and if you are a Medial, we recommend 6.0 units, or 2 lecture courses. You can see the 200 level lecture options here on our website.

While registering for your courses on SOLUS, you will find that under “Days and Times” a time span of 12:00AM—12:00AM is indicated. Again, under “Room” the notation TBA is specified. This might be confusing to you, but all this means is that the class will meet online and there is no set time for live lectures. Your course professors and seminar instructors will hold meetings and office hours, and they will communicate these arrangements at the beginning of the course. These meetings will be scheduled after consulting with you.

You might also encounter a few errors on SOLUS for 330B-001 and 330B-002 course titles – we are trying to fix title errors as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you’ve chosen either of the 330 courses, please stay enrolled in the 330B component despite the title errors. You should look at the departmental course list on our website for the most accurate version of course titles.

As a History Major, Medial or Minor, you must take 6.0 units of Canadian content as part of your degree requirements. If you have not already satisfied this requirement, you can check out which courses qualify for Canadian content on our website.

For updated information on registration and the upcoming term, see the INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS FALL 2020 & WINTER 2021 webpage and read the latest ENEWS published by the Faculty of Arts and Science.