Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Summer Courses 2019

Please note all our summer courses are offered online through Arts and Science Online.

HIST 125   The Evolution of Modern Europe 
Instructor: Leonid Trofimov

A survey of Western and Central Europe and Great Britain from about 1750 to 1950. The focus is on the revolutions which produced modern Europe, notably the political revolutions (1789 and 1848), industrialization, urbanization, population growth, secularization, the rise of new classes, and changes in ideologies and popular attitudes. Click here for more information.    6.0 units


HIST 260   Canada from Conquest to the Present 
Instructor: David More

An introduction to some of the major themes in the social, cultural, economic and political history of Canada. Click here for more information.   6.0 units


HIST 214   Food in Global History 
Instructor: Aditi Sen 

This online course will attempt to study aspects of global history using food as a central theme. We begin from the reflection that food has successfully transcended political and cultural boundaries in the global past, and it provides a promising path for interrogating socio-economic and cultural issues in transnational contexts. Click here for more information.   3.0 units