Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Summer Courses 2020

Please note that HIST 125, HIST 260 and HIST 270 are offered online through Arts and Science Online but HIST 400 is an online course offered through the History Department.


HIST 400 Inquisition: Global History

Instructor: Hanna Mackechnie

In most people’s minds, “The Inquisition” has been associated primarily with early-modern Spain and its seemingly unparalleled vicious treatment of Christian heretics. However, in HIST 400 Inquisition: Global History, the Spanish Inquisition will be put into its proper historical context. In this class, we will challenge popular views of Inquisition and break away from the national and regional frames which have shaped most previous studies on the topic. Instead, we will examine Inquisitions from a global perspective, comparing how attempts to persecute religious dissension differed in the various environments in which inquisitorial activities thrived. In this global comparative study, we will see Inquisitions evolve through space and time, from their origins in ancient Rome, to their growth in medieval Europe, and finally to their height of power in early-modern Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the overseas Iberian colonies.

The readings for the course will consist of articles and e-books. We will also read a variety of primary sources including inquisitorial manuals, trial transcripts, and ecclesiastical canons. All materials will be available through the Queen’s Library website or onQ.


HIST 125   The Evolution of Modern Europe 
Instructor: Leonid Trofimov

A survey of Western and Central Europe and Great Britain from about 1750 to 1950. The focus is on the revolutions which produced modern Europe, notably the political revolutions (1789 and 1848), industrialization, urbanization, population growth, secularization, the rise of new classes, and changes in ideologies and popular attitudes. Click here for more information.    6.0 units


HIST 260   Canada from Conquest to the Present 
Instructor: Andrew Sopko

An introduction to some of the major themes in the social, cultural, economic and political history of Canada. Click here for more information.   6.0 units


HIST 270   Contemporary China 
Instructor: Ben Cardo

"Contemporary China” aims to place the dynamics of recent social and economic change in historical perspective. Proceeding both thematically and chronologically, it familiarizes students with the deep continuities associated with phenomena such as urbanization, environmental challenges, cultural expectations and gender norms. China’s political system will also be examined analytically to provide students with a good grasp of its evolution and distinctive features. Click here for more information. 3.0 units.