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Department of History
Department of History

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Online Winter 2021 Term History Seminars from the BISC

To give you more winter 2021 term options, the Bader International Study Centre has agreed with the History Department to open our courses to Kingston campus students. We will be offering three online History credits, detailed below. All of these will have the benefit of small group discussion, primary source research, and virtual experiential learning.  Please contact the profs via the emails given below for more details, and Vicky Lewis for details of how to register.

HIST 241 Medieval European History: Castles, Kingdoms, and Religious Conflict

Explore the birth of European national groups (such as the English, the Castilians, the French, the Scots, the Germans, the Italians, the Irish, and the Catalans) that have shaped the history of the continent ever since, in an interactive and participatory learning environment. Debate topics as varied as feudalism, the crusades, the peasantry and the Reconquista. View, discuss and debate a variety of primary sources from chronicles to letters and Papal bulls. Engage in paleographical exercises deciphering medieval manuscripts to understand the sources from multiple perspectives. Deepen your understanding of the course materials with virtual visits to museums such as the Museum of the Order of St John to understand the materiality of the past.  For further information, please contact Dr. Lucas Villegas Aristizabal

HIST 289 Britain and the Modern World

Discover the major events since 1851 that sculpted modern Britain from the Empire, to the World Wars, and on to Brexit. Learn to engage with original source documents from throughout British history

Examine how historians understand, reinterpret, and re-write the past. Virtually visit the Imperial War Museum's 'Hall of Remembrance' to the First World War to see a vision of Britain's memory of the conflict that was never actually constructed. For further information, please contact Dr. Chris Kempshall

IDIS 304 British Studies I

Analyze a range of primary and secondary media sources to explore key debates on British culture and identity, from the 1950s to the present. Understand and contribute to ongoing debates about nations and nationalism. Learn more about how the people of the UK think about themselves and their country in the context of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. Have the opportunity to hear from business owners and charities in the local (East Sussex) area about their sense of what being ‘British’ means to them at this time. For further information, please contact Dr. Peter Lowe

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