Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Information for International Students Coming to Study in the History Department

The History Department has a long list of potential courses if can teach in any given year but it is crucial that you choose from the list of courses actually being offered. See the link above.

Normally our seminar courses (Hist 300-499) are reserved ONLY for History Majors (i.e. those students who are pursuing a concentration, or Module in History)

Our lecture courses (Hist 200-299) are more widely available, to both History and non-History students. Normally, if you are not studying History back home at your university, but you wish to take a History course at Queen's, you would choose from the 200-level courses. We will do our best to find you a spot in this type of course but we cannot guarantee access if you request the course after July.

Our 100 level courses (Hist 121, 122, 124) are designed primarily for our first-year students. Normally we cannot grant international students access to these courses until September during Open Enrollment. And, normally, international students would not take first-year courses, but it is possible. Please do not request these courses until you arrive in Kingston.

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