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Department of History
Department of History

Internships - 2018-2019

The Department of History is offering internships for undergraduate students interested in gaining practical applied experience in the archives or in historical and cultural development and management. The internships fall into two categories: archival internships (HIST 501/502) and museum or community based internships (HIST 212).

Archival Internships (HIST 501/502)

The Queen’s Archives in conjunction with the Department of History will be offering two internship possibilities for History students in 2017-18. A half year option, HIST 502*, can be taken in fall or winter, and is conceived for students in years two through four interested in acquiring experience working with archival collections. The full year option, HIST 501, is available only for third and fourth year students, and involves both work in the collections as well as a research paper based on the archive’s materials. 

Student interns will be supervised by Heather Home, the Public Services/Private Records Archivist. Interested students should read the more detailed description here History Archive Internship Information and contact Heather Home by email at Once she has approved your internship, please fill out the Archival Internship Application Form, and submit it for approval to the department along with the documents listed on the form. 

Museum or Community Based Internship (HIST 212)

The Museum- or Community-Based Internship Program involves partnerships between the Department and various municipal and civic agencies.  Students successfully completing a semester-long internship with one of these agencies receive 3.0 pass/fail credit units in HIST 212, “Experiential Learning in Historical Practice.”

***This document will be updated with due dates that reflect the 2018-2019 academic year when they become available***

For WINTER 2018, the following agencies have agreed to host internships: 


1.            Reconstructing Vimy Ridge

The Military Communications & Electronics Museum is looking for an intern to research the Canadian Expeditionary Force War Diaries from the Library and Archives Canada website. This project will be done primarily offsite with periodic consultation with C&E Museum staff. The student will sift through unit war diaries for information about the Vimy Ridge operations in April 1917, looking for trench map coordinates that make note and mention of people, events and features of interest. These map coordinates and descriptions will then be collected, categorized and used by the Museum for its ongoing Vimy Ridge 3D interactive map project. The successful candidate must work well independently and be a diligent researcher.

2.            Bruce Carruthers: the Father of Canadian Military Communications

Primary source documents and photographs from the Military Communications and Electronics Museum will be digitized to update an education program module about Bruce Carruthers, the founder of the Canadian Signalling Corps.  The plan is to retool the module into an online educational resource, so some experience in web or graphic design, digitization and/or education programming is a plus.  Staff of the Military Communications and Electronics Museum will provide training for phase one, the scanning of archival documents held on-site. Phase two will be to research Queens University Archives for material related to Bruce Carruthers and Canadian military communications.  Because phase one of this internship will be done at the Military C&E museum, the successful applicant need to complete a “museum and non-public funds volunteer form,” which the museum will provide.

3.            First World War Signals Personnel Database

The Military Communications and Electronics Museum is interested in developing a database of Canadian Signals personnel from the First World War. Interns would build a database in MS Access utilizing fields and transferrable data from our MS Excel worksheets. Approximately 3000 personnel have been compiled by the Museum to date. The finished database will consist of graphics and text, collecting digitized personnel files from Library and Archives Canada. The ideal candidate should be able to work well independently, be a diligent researcher, and either have knowledge of MS Access or be good at learning new software.  The work will mostly be done offsite, with periodic meetings for training.

MURNEY TOWER MUSEUM  (1 placement)

Murney Tower Museum is a Martello tower located in Macdonald Park, Kingston. It is a 3-storey structure that was built in 1846. The building itself is owned and maintained by Parks Canada, with the Kingston Historical Society maintaining the museum inside. Murney Tower is both a National Historic Site as well as part of the Rideau Canada and Kingston Fortifications UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ongoing maintenance of the building itself is done by Parks Canada.

The Kingston Historical Society has received grant money to update and improve the exhibitions in the Tower.  This updating has begun with new exhibitions on the gun platform. The intern would aid the Curator in researching and developing exhibitions on the main level of the Tower.

FAIRFIELD HOUSE  (1 placement)

Fairfield Homestead Heritage Association (FHHA) is a non-profit, volunteer group that provides heritage programming at Fairfield House in Amherstview. Fairfield House is looking for on student to work on an exciting project at Queen’s Archives on campus. The project has three parts: 

To bring to final form a finding aid for the Fairfield Papers and associated materials held at the Queen's University Archives. This will involve reviewing previous short-term projects and the manuscripts to achieve consistency of format, accuracy, and completeness. The desired end result will be an electronic file that will be searchable. It will be shared with the Queen's Archives and the Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives.
To photograph selected manuscripts from the collection. This will expand interpretive staff orientation resources and provide elements for presentations marking the Fairfield House 225th anniversary in 2018.
To expand the context for the Fairfields who occupied Fairfield House for its first 100 years (1793 -1893) by investigating sources held at the Archives or within the University's Library system.

Work will be done primarily at Queen’s Archives.


Beyond Classrooms Kingston seeks a student intern to assist with operational functions related to managing and delivering cultural education programming at the elementary school level. These functions could include: marketing and communications; program development and delivery; fundraising and fund development.  Priority will be given to candidates whose career objectives include cultural resource management and/or museum education/interpretation. Every effort will be made to ensure that the intern is assigned worthwhile tasks that provide transferrable skills and mentorship. To learn more about Kingston’s unique approach to student learning in a cultural setting, please visit our website at


The Frontenac County Schools Museum is in Barriefield village and is responsible for the collection, preservation, and dissemination of artefacts and information about schools in the Frontenac County area from the earliest European settlements until 1970. The museum is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Public Programming Assistant. The person in this position would be responsible for creating posters/ads for our programs that we send out to schools. They would create new materials that we can give away to the public as advertisements (brochures, postcards, etc.) Use social media to interact with the public by posting about artefacts, historical stories, and events associated with the museum.

The Frontenac County Schools Museum is in Barriefield village and is responsible for the collection, preservation, and dissemination of artefacts and information about schools in the Frontenac County area from the earliest European settlements until 1970. The museum is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Collections Assistant. The successful candidate would be trained on standard museum practices such as artefact handling, conservation techniques, and proper storage. They would be completing a project consisting of cataloging the museum’s collection of early children's toys and researching the toys to learn more information about their material and social history. This position involves handling, labelling, and storing artifacts. The student must be able to lift a minimum of 20lbs.


The Kingston Historical Society has been active since 1893, but it has never had a permanent home. Its records have been kept in various places over the years, but now are based in the Heritage Room in the Queen’s Archives. They are not well organised and there is much duplication. There are probably some surprises in the boxes and file folders waiting to be discovered. The intern will receive an introduction to what is there and will then be asked to make sense of the papers, decide what is duplicate or not needed, and to produce a finding resource for the most important items in the collection. The Past President of the Society will be the immediate contact and there will be support available as necessary from Archives staff.  (


The Kingston Scout Museum has a unique position available creating a new museum website. The website will feature photographs and videos of the museum collection. The target audience is today’s youth, with the general public as a secondary audience. There will be significant freedom in the design and creation of the website. The content can be selected from many existing high quality photographs. This may be augmented by new material created by the student. The website design and construction may be done at any location. Museum tours and liaison supervision will be provided as necessary.


The mission of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes is to inspire an enduring connection to the maritime heritage of Kingston and the Great Lakes. We are looking for an intern or several interns to research several periods of Kingston history (though not necessarily limited to Kingston), including the frontier period around Lake Ontario before Upper Canada was established. Other periods will also be considered that can be used to create a timeline narrative of the maritime history of Kingston that may be used in an online tour emphasizing Kingston's importance at the junction of the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence River and Cataraqui River. 


This position is for a student who enjoys research and writing. The student will conduct research in the Archives of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul using primary and secondary sources. They will use their research to write brief histories of mission locations, institutions and individuals for the website. The student will select photographs to accompany the histories and publish the finished articles to the congregational website. The student will assist with other outreach and web projects as needed, including other history articles, Throwback Thursday photographs, displays and newsletter submissions. The Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul is a faith based work environment; respect for, and the ability to work within, this environment is essential. Please check out the History section of our website


HOW TO APPLY:  Submit the following to anytime between now and NOON on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  Put “HIST 212 Internship Application” in the subject line.

1. a maximum one-page personal statement, listing in order of preference the internships you would be willing to accept, and highlighting any special skills or experience that you believe would make you a good candidate.

2. an unofficial transcript

3. a c.v.

4. a sample paper, from a previous course taken, that showcases your abilities as a researcher.

Successful applicants will be notified, specifying the internship they have been assigned to, a few days after the application closing deadline.  After confirming acceptance of the internship offered, they will be enrolled in HIST 212*, a 3.0 credit pass/fail course, and will have to submit a one-page report mid-way through term as well as a ten-page report on their activities at the end of their internship, in order to receive academic credit. 

Given that internship decisions for winter term are not made until early January, we strongly urge students to enrol in a back-up course during registration. This course can be dropped if the internship application is successful.

NOTE:  We also accept HIST 212 applications where the student has arranged his/her own placement with a sponsoring organization not on the list above.  In this case, applications should also include one additional item:  a letter of support from the sponsoring supervisor, setting out the purpose, duration, and duties of the internship, who will oversee the intern, how often you will meet, and any other relevant information.  The letter should give the supervisor’s contact phone number and email address.

Please do not contact our partners directly during the application process.  Direct all queries to: