Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Internships 2019-2020 

The Department of History is offering internships for undergraduate students interested in gaining practical applied experience in the archives or in historical and cultural development and management. The internships fall into two categories: archival internships (HIST 501/502) and museum or community based internships (HIST 212).

 Archival Internships (HIST 501/502)

The Queen’s Archives in conjunction with the Department of History will be offering two internship possibilities for History students in 2019-20. A half year option, HIST 502, can be taken in fall or winter, and is conceived for students in years three and four interested in acquiring experience working with archival collections. The full year option, HIST 501, is available also for third and fourth year students, and involves both work in the collections as well as a research paper based on the archive’s materials. We encourage students interested in the archival internship to enroll in Dr. Maynard's HIST 400-001 Thinking Inside the Box: Archives, Historians, and the Politics of the Past in Fall 2019. 

Student interns will be supervised by Heather Home, the Public Services/Private Records Archivist. Interested students should read the more detailed description here History Archive Internship Information and contact Heather Home by email at Once she has approved your internship, please fill out the Archival Internship Application Form, and submit it for approval to the department along with the documents listed on the form. 


History Internships (HIST 212)

Winter 2020 Internships


Submit the following to Professor Hardwick at by November 30 @ noon to be considered for a winter term internship.  Put “HIST 212 Internship Application” in the subject line.

1. a maximum one-page personal statement, listing in order of preference the internships you would be willing to accept, and highlighting any special skills or experience that you believe would make you a good candidate.

2. an unofficial transcript

3. a resume or CV (click here for helpful tips from Queen's Career Service) (1-2 pages)

4. a sample paper, from a previous course taken, that showcases your abilities as a researcher.

5. the names of two faculty members who can speak to your academic work. A formal reference letter is not required. 

Successful applicants will be notified, specifying the internship to which they have been assigned.  After confirming acceptance of the internship offered, they will be enrolled in HIST 212 (a 3.0 unit pass/fail course), and will have to submit a one-page report mid-way through term as well as a ten-page report on their activities at the end of their internship, in order to receive academic credit. 

Given that internship decisions for fall term are not made until December, we strongly urge students to enroll in a back-up course during registration. This course can be dropped if the internship application is successful.

NOTE:  We also accept HIST 212 applications where the student has arranged his/her own placement with a sponsoring organization not on the list above.  In this case, applications should also include one additional item:  a letter of support from the sponsoring supervisor, setting out the purpose, duration, and duties of the internship, who will oversee the intern, how often you will meet, and any other relevant information.  The letter should give the supervisor’s contact phone number and email address.

Please do not contact our partners directly during the application process.  Direct all queries to: