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Have questions about selecting a History Major, Medial or Minor degree plan? Talk to a Peer Advisor!

Peer Advisors are upper-year History students who have experienced many of the same things you are experiencing and are trained to answer your questions about how to select a Major, what you need to major in History, and how to do well in your History classes. Peer Advisors are available from September through April. 

Note: If you are an online student, please contact Arts & Science Online for academic advisement.

PATH Alumni

Image of Michael Romagnuolo smilingMichael Romagnuolo

Being a PATH advisor afforded me the opportunity to share the experiences and know-how that I gained during my time at Queen's with other History students that sought certain knowledge, tips, and tricks in order to make the most out of their degree. I would recommend all History students to consider joining PATH as it is an incredibly fulfilling position that helps the program flourish. My favourite part of my History degree was being able to hone in on specific historical topics such as the Italian Renaissance. Learning about subject matters that interested me through the combination of large lecture courses and smaller seminars greatly enhanced my reading, writing, and communication skills, a set of skills that will surely serve me well as I pursue a career in law after graduation.

Emily ViauImage of Emily Viau smiling

My experience as a History student has been amazing! There are so many options when it comes to courses and I really felt like I was learning about topics I was truly interested in. I absolutely love the seminars offered in upper years. I feel I learn so much more and am more engaged with the course content than in lecture. I enjoyed how rewarding seminars were when contributing to discussion. Because the classes are smaller, I also had the opportunity to build connections with my professors and utilize office hours to improve my papers. I chose to be a PATH advisor because I wanted other students to know how spectacular the history program at Queen's is and wanted to make an impact by helping first year students select their degree plan. Being a PATH advisor is extremely rewarding. I felt like I was helping every student I talked with and they seemed to really enjoy and benefit from hearing about my experiences as a history student. In this role I was able to improve my communication and leadership skills and being on a team improved my creativity and collaboration skills, all which will be essential for any future career. After graduation, my plan is to attend teacher's college and teach high school History and French.

Image of Kathleen Ferns smiling on a balconyKathleen Ferns

I loved every minute of my History major at Queen's. It was great to be able to take discussion-based seminars on topics that really suited my interests, and to meet other like-minded students. In my third year, I joined the new PATH initiative because I wanted to help students see all the benefits of studying history and to really make the most of their degree. Now that I have graduated, I am taking a year to work and will then be applying for Master of Divinity programs at seminaries!

Sarah LewisImage of Sarah Lewis smiling at the camera

I am an undergraduate student majoring in History with a Political Studies minor. In first year, I really enjoyed my History courses and decided to major in it. HIST 121 Intellectual Origins and HIST 122 Making of the Modern World were my favourite courses in my first year.

In my third year, I chose to become a PATH advisor because I had an upper year history mentor in my first year and I found it really helpful. I think it is rewarding to be able to offer your knowledge to first year students as well as create a sense of community within History. My favourite part of my History degree was attending seminars and specifically learning about Russian history. I don’t have any plans yet for graduation I still have one last year to figure it out. I am hoping to continue within history by pursing a Master’s Degree.

Image of Josh Weisenberg-Vincent in a tieJosh Weisenberg-Vincent

I was an undergraduate student at Queen’s University from 2016-2020. At the end of my first year, I decided to major in history and minor in sociology. Although I enjoyed lectures, I found that seminars allowed for more creativity with the assignments. My favourite part of my undergraduate degree was writing my HIST 515 undergraduate thesis in my fourth year, where I engaged with debates about slavery and capitalism. During my final year as an undergraduate student, I was an advisor for the inaugural Peer Advising Team in History (PATH) in 2019-2020. I wanted to engage with the history department more in my final year, so I thought that PATH would be a good step towards helping students understand the ins-and-outs of a history degree. Moreover, I thought the premise of the project was great, as I myself would have talked to PATH advisors had it existed when I was a first- or second-year student. Although I only advised a couple students, I was glad they reached out and was happy to help. Currently, I am completing a Master’s Degree in history here at Queen’s, and I hope to continue my studies in history after completing my MA thesis.




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