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Study Abroad

An aerial image of Herstmonceux Castle in a forested area with a pond and a red brick castle

As a History student at Queen’s University, you have hundreds of international educational opportunities available to you. The Department of History works closely with the International Programs Office to facilitate course transfer for yearlong and single-credit study abroad opportunities. We recommend that you consider your study abroad options as early as your first or second year, so you can plan ahead to incorporate an international education experience.

The International Programs Office offers information on four key areas of international study that are available to History students:

  1. Bader College
  2. Queen’s Global Opportunities
  3. Independent Study Abroad
  4. International Studies Certificate

The Department of History has a dedicated Advisor for International Exchanges & Transfer Credits, who can help you with your academic plan while on exchange. Please contact Dr. Emily Hill at if you would like to schedule an appointment.

We recommend that all students have courses evaluated prior to their exchange. Please submit the course outline (including weekly reading list and list of assignments) to along with the Transfer Credit Package from the International Programs Office well in advance of your study abroad experience.

“As a history major, and a big fan of castles, I was able to live in and explore a place that is so full of history. I was also able to take history courses at Cardiff University about Welsh history, and the UK, and then immerse myself in that history through visiting castles and museums.”  Emma Hamber, Cardiff University, Wales

Upper-Year Students who would like to earn seminar credit (HIST 333-499) while studying at another institution, should contact the department before going abroad. Seminars are not offered at all foreign institutions; therefore, students may need to plan ahead to only take lectures or elective courses while on exchange. If you are a History Major or Joint Honours, you should try to get at least one seminar course (3.0 units) if you are away for one term, or two courses (6.0 units) if you are away for a full year. To do this, you should consult with the department to ensure the institution you are selecting for your exchange has seminar courses available and review the “What is a Seminar” information located in the History Department Policies Regarding Courses at Other Institutions. 

*NEW* Bader College: History Summer Plus

In partnership with Bader College, the Department of History is launching History Summer Plus in the summer of 2023. This new program offers upper-year History students the opportunity to study as a cohort for 6-weeks in a 15th century castle while working with primary source documents from local and national archives. 


  • Travel with a cohort of your peers
  • Engage in graduate style learning through small classes
  • Seize the opportunity to participate in independent research
  • Complete a seminar abroad and get ahead in degree requirements
  • Gain practical skills through experiential learning on campus and beyond 


  • History students going into third and fourth year 
  • Summer Term: May 8 - June 17, 2023
  • Earn 9.0 units of courses at Bader College campus in East Sussex, UK
    • 6.0 units of HIST courses (or HIST_Subs) + 3.0 units of electives

Visit Bader College's History Summer Plus website to learn more about tuition & fees, mid-term field trips, meals & accommodations, and additional Bader College bursaries. 

"The education quality at the BISC is unmatched for history students, firstly, you're learning in a castle (what could be cooler?). I had an incredible time being able to explore the UK, both far and wide from going up to Oxford, London, Liverpool, Edinburgh on midterm trips with the BISC, to taking advantage of the minibus to visit Hastings, Rye, Brighton, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne, Battle, Alfriston. My favourite parts of the BISC are the gardens and grounds, the library, the amazing adventures and amazing people I met!" 

-Carolyn Kane, History Major

Summer Study Award and Financial Assistance

The Department of History is proud to offer a Summer Study Award valued at a minimum of $1,000 per student based on academic achievement. All students who have applied to History Summer Plus will be automatically considered for the award. Students must be registered in a minimum of 6.0 units of HIST or HIST_SUBS in the Castle Summer Plus program offered at Bader College. 

Eligibility requirements: 

  • Level 3 or Level 4 at the time of attending Castle Summer Plus
  • Registration in a History Degree Plan
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7 

Bader College offers additional needs-based financial assistance. To learn more about the upper-year bursary and how to apply, please visit Bader College Financial Assistance webpage.

Courses and Degree Planning

Students should take at least 6.0 units of HIST or HIST_Sub units for the History Cluster during Summer Plus, with up to 3.0 units of electives.

HIST 402/3.0: Sex and Death in the Middle Ages (Upper-year seminar)A miniature from a medieval manuscript featuring two people laying together

Description: According to medieval values, the very purpose of life was to prepare for the afterlife by avoiding sin. This course encourages students to consider how medieval people prepared for an afterlife by trying to remain ‘sin-free’ while also having their basic human desires fulfilled. It asks them to consider what can we learn about the Middle Ages from exploring life through these two interrelated themes.

Weekly seminars will provide students with the opportunity to engage with primary source materials (in translation) and to hone their skills in primary research through the use of digital archives and databases. Our close proximity to London allows for easy access to museums, archives and galleries to engage with medieval documents and objects first-hand. Possible ELOs include visits to the Wellcome Library and the Vagina Museum.

Role in History Degree Plan: This upper-year seminar course course satisfies the Core 1 C requirements of History Major/Joint Honours plans. 

Note: Other students may request permission from the course instructor to enroll in HIST 402. Please contact Dr. Claire Kennan at

IDIS 304/3.0: British Studies I (HIST_Sub)

Description: IDIS304 is an interdisciplinary course that offers a critical overview of British history, culture and politics. Looking at themes such as pop culture, London, British heroes, stereotypes, Britain and the world, national dishes, the royal family and the second world war, it tackles the most famous of British myths, analysing the ingredients of our postcard images of Britishness. At the same time it invites students to think how their own national identities are formed and how their personal experience of Britain develops along the way. 

Role in History Degree Plan: This course satisfies the Option 3 C requirements of History Major/Joint Honours plans.

HIST 594/3.0: Independent Study Courses (Optional)

These courses formally grant credit towards your independent research study at Bader College. Research proposals will be written with support of the Bader College faculty, and forwarded to the Associate Dean (Studies) and Department for approval.

Bader College programs place an emphasis on primary research, an academic possibility most students do not get to experience until their postgraduate studies. In both the Fall and Winter Terms, the Castle community will have the opportunity to be involved in nationwide research events which provide our students and faculty with the chance to engage with an established framework of public outreach events, get access to external funding for activities and work on collaborative projects.  In the Summer Term, the Castle community will come together for our very own undergraduate research conference. 

Role in History Degree Plan: This course satisfies the Option 2 B requirements of History Major/Joint Honours plans.

Student Experiences on Exchange

Learn more about student experiences on exchange in the History DSC's Stories from Study Abroad Series: 

Bertug Yoruk at Koc University, Istanbul                         
Image of Bertug Yoruk on his exchange in Istanbul   

 Veronica Opreff at Australian National University, Canberra
Image of Victoria Opreff in front of the Australia National University sign

Shivangi Mistry, Bader International Study Centre at
Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex

Shivangi Mistry at Arthur's Seat, UK



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