Department of History

Department of History
Department of History

Josh Weisenberg-Vincent

MA Candidate
Global History; the History of Slavery, Antislavery and Abolitionism



BA (Honours with Distinction), Queen’s University, 2020


Since my first year as an undergraduate student, I have taken a keen interest in the history of transatlantic chattel slavery. I have predominantly studied the role of popular antislavery movements on the process of abolition in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In my undergraduate thesis, I examined the often conflicting relationship of slavery and capitalism, concluding that the relationship was largely facilitated through Eurocentric presuppositions that slavery was uneconomical and not a function of industrial capitalism. Through global history, I found capitalist aspects of slavery and anti-capitalist aspects of antislavery, contrary to the dominant historical perspective that slavery was uneconomical and antislavery was naturally capitalist. I am pleased to continue my studies under the supervision of Dr. Amitava Chowdhury, where I intend to research alternative ways through which to study slavery, anti-slavery and abolitionism in a global perspective.